Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Help! Suggestions needed!

I posted on Facebook a few days ago that someone wants to hire me to bake cupcakes for their party.  I was shocked!  I've been baking for a long time now... just for fun.  I think it's time I start setting up a website with descriptions and pictures.  Before I can do that, I need to think of a name to call this company... or bakery... or whatever it's supposed to be called!

Every time I think of a good name it's already taken.  Ugh.  This is where YOU come into play... I need help coming up with a name.  Leave me a suggestion in the comment section below.  Share a link to my blog post on Twitter, FB, and/or your own blog (if you are a blogger) to help a girl out!

Thanks a bunch!


  1. Omg girls I will try to help you out. It is and was very hard to come up with a name that is yet still aval. It seems everything creative or catchy is already taken. I got mine Cupcake Capitol(being close to DC) but would have preferred Capitol Cupcakes but domain was gone. I'll try to ponder up some ideas for you and ask my daycare parents too. Least I could do to help after all you and the shitty shop in went to in Delaware(were Natalie could have done a better job)were my inspiration that I can indeed do this. It allows me to be creative and inventive.

  2. okay... so these might not be the best ideas, but they are ideas none the less:
    cupcake inspector (like inspector gadget)
    professor cupcake (you know, cause you're a professor/teacher-- just go with it)
    cupcake guru... (I seriously just found a synonym for teacher)
    cupcake heaven
    sweet intentions... I was just listening to "good intentions" and came up with that...

    well, thats all for now...

  3. oh yeah, I forgot
    Confection Objection... hmmm, now that I see it, doesn't look so good...

  4. Rachel--Are you aware that it is against the law to use other people's pictures from the internet and pass them off as yours without receiving consent or give credit to the owner of the picture?

  5. how about... "with sugar on top!" as is {"pretty pretty please with sugar on top"}

  6. @Andrea and Kallee--I love all of those ideas!