Who is this RHoLV?

Hello all!  Sheina here!  I started blogging in Spring 2011 after much [harassment-LOL!] from Andrea (she's pretty much the queen of blogging).  I started the focus of the blog on baking and cooking... then I took a hiatus.  I just didn't know what to write about!  I decided to start blogging again... not sure what stimulated it.  Now, I blog about baking/cooking, running, and whatever I feel like it!

A little about this Real Housewife of Las Vegas...

I'm married, mother of three, who spends her [little] free time [trying to] run my butt off.  Running has been a huge part of my family history.  I started running as a youngster because my dad is a runner (as well as many other members of my father's family). 

One of my most vivid racing memories as a child is when my dad signed me up to run a 1 mile kids fun run.  I went into to it with any [recent] training or exercise for that matter.  I got a really bad side ache and bonked... yep, I bonked in a 1 mile run!  I will never forget that race... my dad stayed by my side during the entire time and would not let me give up (and I so badly wanted to!).  I continued to run on and off (more off--that's what happens when you grow up with divorced parents, I guess) through my life.  I decided to get really serious about my running after the birth of my youngest son (5/8/10).  I used running as baby weight loss.... which was a success!  I ran SO MUCH during the Summer of 2010.  It was my goal to be baby weight free at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year (which I accomplished). 

I really stepped up my running in January 2011... when I joined dailymile.  This completely changed my [running] life... I think I need to write a blog post just on this.

Anyways... I think that's enough about me for right now.  I hope you enjoy the [mindlessness] of my writing!

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