Sunday, January 29, 2012

Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k Race Recap

So I just came to the realization that I pretty much already posted about this race yesterday on dailymile.  Damn.  Whatever... I'm going to write about it again.  If you're not interested in reading about it, move on along : )

I've had this virtual race on my calendar for a couple of months now.  A paid training opportunity came along and it was scheduled for the same day.  I couldn't pass up the training.  Luckily, the training got done an hour early which made me very happy... especially because that meant I got an another hour of daylight to run in!

As soon as I arrived home, I was ready to run.  Sitting in an all day [boring] training made me anxious.  Our friend, Phil, wasn't up to running with me.  The thought of skipping my run did cross my mind.  I kind of wanted a running partner.  Surprisingly, my husband volunteered to run with me.  We have never ran together before.  It was really nice to share this experience with him.  He still is not a fan of running, but enjoyed the quality time together.

I'm lame and didn't get a picture when we were done.  Just as we were approaching the end of the run, I totally almost sharted!  I left my husband, sprinted home, and made it just in time : )

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  1. bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! YOU CREATE THE BEST VISUALS!!!!