Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank goodness!

I didn't plan on doing a blog post about today's run, but it felt SO GOOD and I felt it deserved its' own post.  As some of you know, I have been struggling with pain in my right shin.  I wore my old Adrenaline 11's rather than my new Adrenaline 12's on the past few runs.   

I wore my compression socks with my 11's (which is not out of the ordinary)... but I decided to pop a couple of ibuprofens a couple of hours before my intended run.  I focused on my stride and slowed down my pace.  I'm sure all of this helped make my run [almost] pain-free. 

My son joined me again... this time I remembered to take a picture!
After finishing our 3.5 mile adventure
Final Stats:

3.5 miles = 35:46 minutes (10:13 min/mile average)

Is it weird that my Adrenaline 11's that have over 400 miles feel so much better than my Adrenaline 12's that have less than 150 miles on them?  I'm pretty confident that my Adrenaline 12's are causing the shin pain that I have been experiencing for some time now.  I won't be picking up new shoes until after the LVTC Championship Series 10k because... Red Rock Running Company is offering to match participants entry fee with a gift voucher for a pair of shoes at their store!  Super awesome!

I've got another blog post in the works... a very important anniversary is today and deserves to be discussed.  Time to finish watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!


  1. so crazy! The 12's did the same thing for me but was my Achilles. My sports Dr suggested not going back to the 11's but instead going down to a neutral with stability.. I got the glycerins and have been in HEAVEN! Hope it gets better for you!!!

  2. i am loving all of your posts, the weather out there looks AWES!

  3. I didn't plan on going back to the 11's... and I'm glad to hear your Sports Dr advised you to do the same. I'll have to check out the glycerins!

  4. @Andrea--The weather has been AMAZING... you should check it out sometime! (hint hint)