Sunday, January 8, 2012

Let's talk running... at church?

Day 2 streak -- 5 miles in 57:11 (11:26 min/mile average)
 I went to church today with my husband and children because one of my awesome friends, Emily, was singing at the church this weekend.  My husband and kiddos attend church on a regular basis, but I do not.  I always wanted to go to church when I was a kid (like my friends did), but it was not part of my upbringing.  Fast forward to adulthood and the thought of going to church gives me anxiety.  I feel incredibly uncomfortable.  But my family attends Canyon Ridge Christian Church which seems to be pretty chill.  I'm kinda digging this church.  I like how they spread their motivational and inspiring message while slipping in a little God talk.  I don't feel uncomfortable when I'm there.  I like that.

Kevin Odor, the senior pastor, started a new series today called:
From what I got from his message, he said that we need to try to slow down and enjoy life.  One of his analogies had to do with running... which OBVIOUSLY sparked my interest.  He asked the crowd how many people ran in the RnR Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon.  Being proud of my accomplishments of a runner, I definitely raised my hand.  He discussed how some runners start out much faster than they should and try to keep up with the pace of others around them... and then lose all their steam before the finish line (bonking... been there unfortunately).  He explained that a runner needs to stay at their own pace in order to make it to the end just like in life.  Isn't that what all runners preach?  Love it. 

Mr. Odor--Keep talking running and I'll keep returning to Canyon Ridge.

On another note, they made a HUGE announcement today:

How cool is that?!?!


  1. Hello! Glad to finally find another Las Vegas blogger!!! Tebow is coming to Vegas?!?! Oh man, gotta tell my bf, he's gonna freak!

  2. Hello Siho! Read your blog! Love your post about how drinking beer and six pack abs go hand in hand. The evidence speaks for itself : )

  3. we also attend a church, EagleBrook, that slips God into every talk as well- i like it {when we go}. i too wish we would go more, but church sometimes makes me uncomfortable and i think it's b/c i long to be MUCH more religious than I really am.