Sunday, January 1, 2012

Race Schedule & Goals for 2012

Race Schedule:

I've spent most of today thinking about what races I want to run this year.  I compiled a list of races I have on my radar.  I highly doubt I will be able to run all of these races, but here's to trying!

  1. New Year’s Virtual 5k Race (1/1/12)
  2. LVTC Ryan the Terrible’s 4.4M Birthday Run (1/7/12)
  3. LVTC Championship Series 10k (1/14/12)
  4. Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k Virtual Race (1/28/12)
  5. Mardi Gras 10k (2/11/12)
  6. For the Love of the Kids Virtual Run ½ Marathon (2/14/12)
  7. The Color Run (2/25/12)
  8. Six Tunnels to Hoover Dam 5k (3/17/12)
  9. Guns ‘n Hoses ½ marathon (4/22/12)
  10. LVTC Celebrate Education/National Run a Mile 5k/IM (4/28/12)
  11. LVTC Mother’s Day Run (5/12/12)
  12. Wet ‘n Wild 5k & Kids Run (6/16/12)
  13. Running with the Devil 5k (6/23/12)
  14. LVTC Christmas in July (7/28/12)
  15. LVTC Legends of Cross Country (8/4/12)
  16. Minnesota ½ Marathon (8/4/12) or Gopher to Badger ½ Marathon (8/13/12)
  17. Disneyland ½ Marathon (9/2/12)
  18. Manhattan Beach 10k (10/6/12)
  19. Vegas Ragnar Relay (10/20?)
  20. Really Big Free ½ Marathon (11/3/12)
  21. LVTC Predict Your Time, Win a Turkey 5k (11/10/12)
  22. LVTC Run the Turkey Off (11/24/12)
  • Sub-30 minutes for 5k races (for the realistic and attainable races)
  • Average a sub-10 min/mile for all races 4 miles and below
  • Run under a 2:15 for the half marathon distance
  • Sub-28:00 for a 5k
  • Sub-60:00 for a 10k
  • Run at least 4 half marathons this year
  • Run at least 1,010 (beat my 2011 record) but hope to run 1,200 miles.
It's as simple and difficult as that : )

I'd like to know what races you have on your 2012 calendar.  Post a comment and/or leave a link to your blog post below.


  1. Solid Schedule! We will be running the LVTC races and Disneyland (smile) together!

    You will achieve your goals, no doubt in my mind

  2. what a great schedule! i'm concentrating on doing 12 half marys this year so i'm trying to get that all figured out.

  3. Ok Sheina! I'm starting to get into this whole running've inspired me (and my sister-in-law who has lost almost 100 POUNDS!) I signed up for a 10K in June to run with her (and some other fam) but I think I need a 5K before than. Got any ideas???

  4. Awesome Ashley! I have a few 5k's on my 2012 race calendar (check the tab above). You can always look on and

  5. Congratulations to your sister-in-law... holy smokes! That's a HUGE accomplishment!