Monday, November 21, 2011

Running Blogger Exchange?!

I was over on Run with Jess' blog today (yep, you caught me... I was reading blogs at work) when something caught my eye.  She had mentioned she plans to participate in the 2nd Annual Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange over to Run with Jill's blog.  I did a little investigating and became more intrigued by this concept.  I'm new to the blogging world, but I love to run!  I always feel guilty buying running gear for myself because I know the money could be spent on my children.... but participating in this gift exchange takes some of that guilt away!

So if you are interested in participating in Jill's Gift Exchange, head on over to her blog, leave her a comment (or send her an email) to let her know you want to participate (and include your email address as well).

Another awesome thing I read about today is Adam's 1000th post over at his blog The Boring Runner.  He's one of my favorite bloggers... he's funny and talks about pooping just as much as me!  He's even more awesome because he is giving away two pairs of Brooks running shoes... love me some Brooks!

So excited... I can't wait!

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