Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Long Run Day

This was my longest run since my last 1/2 marathon on July 31st.   I originally mapped out a route, but decided to venture off the beaten path.  I was busting out 9:xx min/miles for the first couple of miles.  I knew I was going too fast, but that's what felt comfortable.  Around 3.5 miles, I got tired of carrying my water bottle so I ditched it.  Around mile 6, I started to feel tired.  The thought of stopping and calling it a day crossed my mind, but I knew I would be disappointed if I quit... so I just kept truckin' along.  I had to take several walk breaks (which I'm not proud of), but I felt revitalized afterwards.  It started to get chilly around mile 8 and I was thankful of the fake arm sleeves I made out of old tube socks : )  By this time, I kept thinking, "just a few more miles and you'll be done."  Miles 10-12 were REALLY slow, but my body was REALLY tired.  I ran past SO MANY houses that had horses in this area.  At the end, I saw a coyote in the farm that I ran past.  Many people do not realize that Las Vegas actually has communities with houses and stuff (I've actually had people ask me if I live by the strip and didn't understand that there were houses outside the strip area).

I would have to say this was an okay run because it wasn't at the speed that I had hoped, but it also was a good run because I didn't have to stop and poop in bushes : )

When I got home, I took the world's longest shower.  I have always been notorious for taking long showers and using up all the hot water.  I love sitting in the tub while the water flows all over me. 

Two weeks until the big Rock n' Roll Vegas Half Marathon.  I'm ready... are YOU?


  1. Nice post and nice prep for the RnR. Did you re-fuel any? (Gu, Powergel, etc.) And running 8.5 miles without water is tough. Maybe you should think about some type of hydration belt or pack. Would you consider adding my blog to your Blog List? www.michael-selmer/blog I'd be happy to add yours, if you'd like. I'm developing quite a list of DM bloggers.

  2. I ate a Larabar. So far it is the only thing that sits well in my stomach. I'd like to try those Shotblocks soon. I think I need to get a hydration belt, for sure. I'll add it to my Christmas list for Santa : )

    I will definitely add your blog to my blog list! And yes... you can add my blog to your list as well : )

  3. Hey Sheina!
    Just curious what you typically eat before your runs? It seems like any runs 10 miles or more give me such a weak stomach, and it sounds like you have that issue, too. I also spent the rest of the afternoon in the bathroom :) I had a piece of toast with peanut butter and guava jelly and half a banana. I'm one of those people that needs a decent breakfast to function normally, and I usually overdo it and feel really sluggish. Any advice?
    Thank you!
    -----April (from DM)

  4. @April-I struggle with nutrition and finding appropriate fuel for pre-race and during running. Personally, I have found that I cannot eat bread (gives me stomachaches) on race mornings. I eat bananas, strawberries, and pretzels. I've always wanted to try those honeystingers before races and shotblocks during the run. Have you tried these? Another thing I've realized is that nutrition and fueling can be different for everyone. We just need to find what is right for us!