Sunday, March 27, 2011

Movie Reviews

Some of you won't believe this, but I went to the theater TWICE in TWO days.  Doesn't happen very often (not being sarcastic either).  Those who know me, know I'm not much of a movie person.  There were two movies I wanted to see...

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules
Hall Pass

Tom and I decided to use our Fandango tickets to see Hall Pass on our anniversary on Thursday.  He really wanted to see Limitless, but I really wanted to see Hall Pass.  I won.  The movie was alright.  I would rate it a B-/C+.  It had some funny parts... but it could have been better.  And by the way, what's the deal with the full frontal of the black dude and irish dude???  Crazy.

Roman and I have been waiting months to see the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.  Honestly, I think I might have been more excited than he was!  Today we headed to the theater, picked up our tickets, bought our kid snacks (that way I watch my calorie intake), and found our seats.  I would rate the movie with a B+.  It was cute just like the first one.  It was a fun date with my boy!

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  1. um yeah, hot tub scene for hallpass- could have done WITHOUT. and i think the guys were way to dorky...