Sunday, March 27, 2011

Restaurant Review--Babycakes

I have been hearing about this restaurant called "Babycakes" which specializes in pancakes.  A couple of my friends have been raving about this place, so I had to give it a try.  Tom and I went for our anniversary after we took Keira to the doctor. When we arrived, we were put on the wait list?  What?  Wait list on a Friday morning???  I was a little concerned because we had a movie to catch, but luckily we only waited about 15 minutes.  Even better... our food came out super quick.

I ordered the red velvet pancakes.  They were to DIE FOR!!!

Tom ordered the mexican omelet with a side of s'more pancakes.  The omelet was delicious... the pancakes were alright.

When I went to pay the bill, I said, "Are you guys always this busy on a Friday morning?"  The cashier responded, "What?  This is slow for us.  Come on a Saturday or Sunday."  I was in shock... but then not really because the food was AMAZING.  We will DEFINITELY be returning.


  1. That sounds amazing! The name "babycakes" reminds me of a pan that Ben and I saw at Target yesterday. I think it was for "babycakes" or something along those lines, but this pan has four "areas" kind of like a muffin tin that you put in pancake batter....then you put in whatever filling you want in the middle of the batter. Put them on the stove and then the pancake cooks up over the filling. They looked amazing. I wanted to buy the pan, but I wasn't willing to drop the $20.

  2. OMG I want to try this place. Where is at???

  3. Ashley-It's on the corner of Smoke Ranch and Buffalo. Definitely worth the drive for you.