Saturday, December 10, 2011

RnR Vegas 1/2 Marathon Race Day

I went to Costco the morning of race day to pick up bananas... 6 pounds of bananas!

In case you are wondering... we did not eat all 6 lbs on race day.

Pre-race food: I consume some eggs and potatoes for breakfast.  I ate several bananas and a couple of larabars throughout the day while hydrating on a TON of water. 

Dad, Julie, and I headed to Vdara (where they were staying) so my dad could get ready for the race... it only took him 20 years to get ready!  Geez! : )  We hopped on a shuttle that took us to the start line.  I hit the Brooks VIP porta potties right away.  I felt like a VIP walking through the entrance as everyone wished they could be as cool as me using these special bathrooms ; )

Time to head to the corrals... I tried looking for some fellow runners, but the place was a ZOO!  I couldn't find a single person I was looking for.  We headed into a corral and froze our butts off waiting for the race to start!  I was glad I wore my running tights!

We start running at 9:xx/mile... which is faster than we should have been going.  Shortly after the first mile, my dad had to stop and take out his inhaler because the cold weather was affecting his breathing.  I kept running knowing he'd catch up to me eventually. 

The first half of the race went really well.  I felt like I was flying!  I was running a 9:xx to 10:xx min/mile.  At mile 7, I saw my husband, son, and great friend, Emily, cheering on the sidelines.  It felt so great that they were able to come see me race. 

Once I hit the mile 8.5, I could feel my body getting tired.... and it kept getting worse.  I ate 2 larabars while running, but obviously that was not enough.  I bonked around the 9.5-10 mile marker.  I walked.  I tried running [really slowly].  Around mile 11 (that's just a guess), I hear someone screaming my name.  I look over and see Teri from the running club I run with.  It was so great to see her!  I kept running really slowly and in pain.  My hamstrings and glutes were tired and sore.  [It's so frustrating that I can't figure out the best way to fuel pre-race and during the race to make my energy levels stay throughout the race.]

Just before mile 13, I see my dad in front of me.  How the heck did he pass me and I didn't see him?  I zoomed up and ran next to him for just a little bit.  I couldn't keep up with him as he sprinted to the finish line.

This would be a great place to show a picture of me crossing the finish line... but there was SOOO MANY people that you can't even see me in my finish line photo!  Matter of fact, I didn't get any professional photos from the race.  I tried getting in front of a few photographers, but there were so many runners which made it impossible to get a picture snapped of me.  Lame.

I took two steps past the finish line and then hit the wall of people.  The Finisher's Village was so backed up!  I stood there... waiting to move.  That did not feel good.  I needed to keep moving or else I was going to fall over and puke.  My dad and I managed to get the mylar blankets to keep [a little] warm.  We picked up some drinks and snacks.  I was quite disappointed in the finisher food.  I've seen better at other RnR races. We quickly departed this area and headed over to the shuttles (apparently, many people could not find the shuttles, but we found them right away). 

After a very short wait, the shuttle was on its way.  Once we arrived at the Vdara, we chilled for a few minutes.  I was still very cold.  I decided to jump in the shower and warm up [luckily I brought a change of clothes].  I socialized a few more minutes afterwards and then it was time for me to head home. 

**After reading hundreds and hundreds of comments on FB regarding the event, I am so fortunate that my dad and I had very little problems with the race.  We were so lucky to not suffer some crazy stuff that happened.... we were one of the few who didn't.  Thousands of people got sick after the race.  I will really have to think about running another RnR race again... because I wouldn't want all that crap to happen to me.

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