Saturday, December 10, 2011

RnR Vegas 1/2 Marathon Weekend

The fam and I woke up early to meet my dad and Julie for breakfast at the Egg and I.  After a little bit of a wait, we headed to our table to start grubbing.  All three children were on their best behavior (which makes it so much easier to enjoy our time out).  After we finished our breakfast, we headed over to the Expo.  It was confusing as to where we should park, but we eventually found where we were supposed to be.  Packet pickup was smooth sailing…. 
After a few attempts for pictures... this was the best one we got.
Then we enter the area to purchase things.  CHAOS and CROWDED!  Not easy to maneuver through with a double stroller.   
Another rotated picture that I can't seem to fix... this is annoying.

We stopped at a couple of booths… where I bought new arm sleeves.  I couldn’t decided between the pink sparkly stripper arm sleeves or the black and white pattern arm sleeves… I chose the latter because they will match with every outfit. 

[This would be a good place to insert a picture of my new purchase… if I was smart enough to take a picture!  Doh!]

My husband and I decided it was time to leave.  The little kids were getting tired and it was difficult to push the stroller through the crowded aisles.  We left my dad and Julie there to explore some more.

Yep.  He was tired.  He fell asleep within a few minutes.
That afternoon I was on facestalking all my friends… because that’s how I roll.  I remembered seeing that there was going to be a meetup at Mandalay Bay.  I contacted fellow runner and friend, Charlene, to see if she was going… and she was.  She let me tag along with her to the event : ) 

I had a great time meeting SO MANY new people and I was strongly encouraged to start using my Twitter account.  That’s where all the cool kids hang out… on Twitter : )
After a couple of hours of chatting it up, it was time to head home.  I had a big day coming up!


  1. What's your twitter account? @dbwiddis here :)

  2. I'm now following you on twitter. My twitter name is sltorres.